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Cost to set-up.

Nov 6, 2003
Hey all. Like I said in my intro post, I've found a ton of great info here. I'd really like to jump in and get an octi, but I know it has to be done right if I want the hours of enjoyment you all talk about. So, my question to all of you is this: How much am I looking to spend over the next 3 months on equipment, supplies, etc. if I am going to set this aquarium up. This with no prior equipment, supplies on hand and looking at about a 30-35 gallon tank. Are we talking $500-$1000? Or more? Less? Keep in mind also that I'm not looking for "top of the line" but quality stuff to get me started. The is always time to upgrade later. But I am looking for the essentials. Thanks.
Hi PositivOctopus,

First of all, let me suggest a minimum of a 50 gallon tank for a bimac. I know we still say 30 gallons in our articles, but my recent experience with a full grown bimic indicates that your ocoto would be very cramped in a 30 gallon. I now think a 75 gallon is ideal, since I've learned that an adult octopus likes to jet swim and needs room for that.

The best thing is to work through Colin's Equipment List

Cephalopod Care

and make a list of the basic things you need. Then visit your local aquarium store and start to get pricing. You could also check the web, but most people buy their tank locally.

People have spent varying amounts on their set ups. It's possible to make some of the equpiment yourself, or buy a used tank (being careful that no copper was ever used in it.) The tank, stand, and wet/dry filter and protein skimmer will be the main expenses. Maybe $1000 is a good figure to keep in mind until you can do further research. A big factor in price is the stand, and whether the whole set up has to look like nice furniture or not.

You'll learn a lot by researching this, too.

Hi, and :welcome: !
I've actually found Reef Central to be an excellent place for equipment questions (not that Colin and Nancy don't do an excellent job themselves 8) )
I think the first thing you want to think about is the tank size you want to get, and that can be accomplished by the factors of the amount of room you have in your house and how much you want to spend. After that, you can start searching for the proper filtration-when you do that, make sure you overspec what you need eg. if you get a 50 gal. tank you might look into filtration for a 100+ gal.; and other equiptment.
Also, if you live in a hotter place, you might have to get a chiller, and those are EXPENSIVE!
Hope this helps as a start!
did a little investigating...

Went to a LFS tonight after work and took in what they had to offer in stock. They actually are having a big sale on tanks (lucky me). They have an awesome 50 gallon glass tank on a mahogany cabinet(I think it was this type of wood...it was dark like it), and it came with a lid and light set-up. It was $199.99. Pretty good deal. So I inquired about it and apparently the reason it is about $150 cheaper than the others exactly like it is because everyone wants a lighter color wood. So they are stuck with all these extra stock in a darker color. Doesn't bother me seeing as I have no rhyme or reason to my apt. decor. I have room for it as well. I checked out protein skimmers, which were around $120 for one to accomodate up to 100 g. Sounds like what I need. Live rock is on sale right now for $6/lb so I'm guessing thats a decent price for inland Maryland. So what do you all think. Prices good? Thanks.
Sounds good to me! Anyone else?
I actually got a 75 gal for sale too, which was nice (I was looking at 50 gal. tanks but when I saw that the 75 would be less, well, you know :shock: )
What kind of protein skimmer is it? Some are really good quality, while others are noisy, produce a ton of tiny bubbles, and don't really work well.
Are you planning on getting a sump, cause that can also determine a lot of what skimmer you get.

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