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Charmin died

Jul 22, 2005
Hi Everyone,
Our new octopus had come in at 11 inches which is rather large, and had me a little concerned about the possible age. We discovered that it was a pregnant female and she died this morning.
I have to admit that I am a little bent out of shape about this after waiting two years to acquire her, and having her for only about a month, but this is a situation over which we don't have any control.
Sorry for your loss. RIP Charmin :angelpus:

This is one of the downsides of getting an adult octopus - they have a short enough life span as it is. But you gave her a good home for a while and you enjoyed keeping her. Maybe you can try one of the bimacs from Octopets or the briareus babies next time.

Sorry to hear about your loss, don't be too bummed out about it for it's only what comes naturally. If you're living in the US and thinking of acquiring another octo, you could try octopets, that way you can be sure of what age and species you're getting. All the best :smile:
Its one of the reasons that I went a few years without keeping any cephalopods. They have such a short lifespan and you can't help but get attached to them. At least I know the age of the small cuttles I have just now
Don't you just love how he rubs that in :"the cuttles I have now"...
Yeah, it can be tough when they pass on...it almost seems cruel to have such an intelligent, wonderful creature be burdened with a really short lifespan.
Hopefully, your next one will be younger, and you will get to see more of it, and write more about the critter.
It is sad when they go...sorry that Charmin passed on so soon...

ah Greg, wasn't meant to be a 'rubbing it in', anyways, i read that your other half wouldnt mind a cuttle tank ;)
Sorry to hear about Charmin. But they are deffinately worth the heartache of the short lifespan! I never can go a week or so after a death without getting another!


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