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changed my mind


Feb 20, 2005
Ok, I've decided not to get a blue ringed octopus. I think I'm just going to start off with a bimac. This seems to be the most favored octo here. How fast to they grow? Is frozen shrimp a good staple diet for an adult? Of course I will suppliment this with live crayfish and crabs. I bought a trickle filter. Is this a good choice for a bimac? I also have a protein skimmer. Will I need an additional powerhead in the tank? I haven't identified all the life on my liverock of course but I know i need to get rid of the anemones, what else do i need to look out for?
Good decision, Mark! :cool2: I'm sure folks here will be able to provide answers to your questions soon... just wanted to support your choice for the bimac!
Yes, it's a good decision to get a bimac rather than a blue ringed octopus!

As for your questions....
The bimacs are only a couple of months old when they arrive, quite tiny. They grow quickly since they have such short lifespans.

Frozen shrimp supplemented by live food such as crawfish and crabs makes a good diet for a bimac.

Trickle filter and protein skimmer are recommened, too, and one powerhead will be enough.

Anemones are the main thing to get rid of on your live rock. Read some of the experiences in the Journals and Photos forum. Some of our bimac keepers have started their octos in smaller containers within the larger tank.

You may already know about this, but we have lots of additional information under Ceph Care (click on the button above). I'd recommend the Equipment List, Checklist, and Bimac Care Sheet.

Good choice! Blue rings are probably better to look at than keep as a friend... Now you won't be scared to play with his tentacles!
Certainly raw, not cooked! Frozen and unthawed, or fresh are both good. And I preferred high quality shrimp at a good fish store.

But I've used both peeled and unpeeled, since octos don't eat the part that's peeled away and you have to fish it out of the tank.

i was planning on thawing and peeling it, this seems the best way? we have an almost constant supply of live crawfish here where i live as well
Yes, that would be OK. Throw in an unpeeled one every once in a while for variety. Crabs are usually their favorite food. They like crawfish - but be sure to pick smaller ones, females with smaller claws. Some of those crawfish are quite large, far too large for a small octo. You don't want to risk the octopus getting a wound.

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