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Ceph Feed

Welcome back, Castor!

Thanks for the suggestion. This is the company I used for my fiddler crabs and shore shrimp. It's a family run company and has high standards. They are also pleasant people to work with.

I ordered many times from them and was very satisfied with what I received and with shipping.

Glad to see that others are coming across it.

I am glad that there is some feed back to go off on, they seem to have a lot great stuff to offer all of us in the ceph community. You all are great!!!

Thanks for such a warm welcome! :biggrin2:

I am a field engineer, and my current assignment has me in Maine, but my main office is in Florida. What a change in climate, and people!!! How is the Big Apple? I bet it's a blast to get take out in any style you can dream of!

Hopefully I will have a lot more to post in the near future.

None at the moment, but it won't be very long. Ella decided to do some exploring while I was at work, and the protien skimmer had it's way with her. I was surprised that she got passed the sponges that were blocking the down tube. :cry:

I won't be more than a couple of weeks, and I will have a new family member. They are so very interesting, and she loved when I cleaned the tank. I do miss her a lot.

Sorry about Ella. And worrisome that she managed to get by the sponges. It's hard to keep a determined octo out of bad places.

Thank you to everyone for your words of sympathy! You ceph enthusiasts are the greatest people in the world, (I don't care what the overwhelming stastics say :wink: ) I am getting closed to a more octo proof design, and I will keep you all posted on the progress.

:trilobit: :arrow: :squidwar: