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Buying a used Tank

Jul 24, 2003
Im hopefully going to buy a second hand tank (used for reef keeping) later this week and was just wondering.....

If I ask if any copper treatment has been used, surley the bloke is bound to say no (he knows im gettin an octo) so how can I be sure other than testing it once filled (obviously some time after I have bought it)

Also, if he has used any copper, the tank looks a little beauty that will fit perfect in the gap I have, so can I eradicate any copper if there has been any used? I read of someone using a copper removing resin on another website, never heard of this though, any good?

Also, if anyone has any important questions I should be askin, they would be most appreciated.

There are resin bags that will remove copper from water, but none that can remove copper from the silicone caulking, unfortunately.
Two options:
1) remove all of the silicone, and re-caulk it with aquarium safe DOW corning clear 100% silicone.
2) setup the tank, and put in some inexpensive inverts, and see how they do during the cycle.
How big is the tank?
Cheers mate

Thats a big help, as if it has had copper I suppose it can be eradicated, and if all else fails I suppose I could sell it on to a reefkeeper or someone else.

Its a gallon or two over 40 (UK) gallons.

Only question is....what species do you mean by inexpensive invert's?
Ive just realised something.....

How do I test if there has been copper use in the tank. I have a few ideas so let me advise my thought trails......

Do I....

a) start cycling the tank and test for copper then?(seems a bit silly incase I have some and have to track back?)

b) fill it with ro water and test it then, prior to cycling?

c) fill it with salt water and test it then, prior to cycling?

I dont want to simply fill it with tap water and test it as that may prove as false results and also I'd have to then empty all that water before doing cycling.

Thanks for your comments in advance.
Hermit crabs and shrimps are probably your best bet...if you have a few tube worms or bits of mushroom coral, they can work as good "canaries" also...
Brilliant! Cheers mate I never thought they would be along those lines!!!

Tell you what, Ive learnt so much in the past three months!!!

Delayed my tank pickup.... the bloke has kindly withdrawn it from sale since he knows it suits my purpose's so well i.e. the size for the space, its drilled and with a little list of equipment.

but realistically i think i wont be able to drop inky into the tank until the new year as after cycling etc i prob wont wanna drop the little fella/esse in just before christmas. cant have him wakin up on christmas day without pressies!!!

Any thoughts on the copper test in the next wek would be cool.

RE: copper testing...
The only way to get an accurate test would be to fill the tank with r/o, add the salt, wait about 3 days...then test it. If the guy who is selling the tank has some scruples at all, you should be fine...most reefkeepers won't lie to anyone about copper...they are terrified of it!
Good luck! Be sure to send in some pics and add your tank to the database when you get it up and running!

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