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Bimacs Escaping

Dec 4, 2002
A lot of you have had great success with bimacs, and I've had my first baby bimac for two days now. My former Bali octopus had no interest in escaping, but I better not take a chance, so I bought that VERY fine netting (tulle?) at a fabric store to put around my two Penguin filters intakes, but the filters hang off the back of the aquarium and the water pours in. I cannot see how I can seal that. Basically, if an octopus was very determined to get out of my tank, he could:smile:
How many of you have lost bimacs to an attempted escape? Are they really generally pretty good about staying in the tank?


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Bimacs are not as prone to escape as some other species of octopus, but there have been a few instances reported in the last couple of years.

I've found two kinds of netting most useful: the soft kind that's found in aquarium nets (for dipping out fish) or in bags for carbon, and the harder plastic sort that forms the bags that small tomatoes come in (has to be washed carefully).

Some people also use small pieces of sponge to block off areas of potential escape.



TONMO Supporter
Mar 15, 2003
I have had good luck using fiberglass/nylon screening...available at any local hardware store. and it comes in a variety of gauges. I was down at a tank manufacturer yesterday, and they are actually working on a "ceph tank cover" for commercial production...will keep you all posted!
I can hardly wait to see some pics of your new octo, girlfish!