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Bimac Tank plans....Help?


Dec 21, 2005
I am in the planing stage for converting my 55gal to keep a Bimac.
I would appriciate any advice. This is what i am planning.

55 gal (tall)
35lb live rock
1" sand bed
Over flow box with sponge per filter to sump into
Skimmer (aquamedic turbo 1000)
Wet dry tricle filter (any advice on amount of bio balls?)
Canister filter for water polishing, vacume and mechanical filtration (mag 350)

My big hang up rite now is what volume of bio balls would be recomended for this system to maintain an adult Bimac? Also, will using sponge pre filter from overflow box be sufficent for mechanical filtration
prior to entering the Skimmer?

Thanks for any advice.
Sounds like you've got it pretty much under control. This is eerily similar to how I'm doing my setup (right down to the turboflotor), except mine is a 75 instead of a 55.

I've found it very difficult to determine exactly how many bioballs to use, too. I'm setting up a 5 gallon bucket as the trickle filter with a bulkhead in the top for water from the overflow and one in the bottom to go to the sump. It will probably have about 4 gallons of bioballs inside (has to be a bit of room at the top for a "tray" to distribute the water evenly). I believe this will be adequate.

Thanks Dan! This set up should sound familer, i used your plans as a guide. i did some research on the turboflotor, and from what i'm hearing it seems to be one of the better on the market. I'm not sure about the DIY sump, i think i am going to purchase a sump rated for 125 gal, they usually hold around 4 gal bio balls. I like the slide out pre filter for ease of cleaning the pre filter sponge also. now all i have to do is figure out how to fit all this equipment in the cabinet of a 55gal. And actually i am begining to second guess keeping a bimac in a 55 gal!

Thanks for your response! Brad
The fatal flaw of the 55 gallon tank is it is hard to find equipment less than 12" wide to fit underneath. The other thing you can do is have it sitting next to the tank. If that's too ugly, you can always find a table or something to put over it. That's pretty much what I'm doing with the 20 gallon sump on my 38 clown tank.

If you're going to buy the Turboflotor new, you might go to reefcentral.com and check out their equipment forums. I know the TF is a solid skimmer, but there may be an even better one for the money. I'm told that the TF needs quite a bit of adjusting to work optimally, which in my opinion isn't a bad thing.

Good luck!
I'm starting to think a 75 gal is the way to go. Looks like the golf clubs are headed to ebay! As far as the tTF is concerned, the reviews i have read of other manufactors skimmers have the same rap as far as constant adjustment goes. i think it is a nature of the beast kinda thing!

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