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Bill's new Red Sea 350

Petting an octopus.
Slowly, I am trying to make contact with Iris.
I follow a pattern of making a squeaking noise in the water on the inside of the aquarium.
When Iris come over she tries to hold on to me and pull my hand down deeper into the aquarium.
While Iris is doing this, I stroke her arms and even her mantel.
Iris is getting use to this and is not as afraid as she was in the beginning.
Iris is often following the surface of the aquarium around the top edge, maybe to escape.
It is slow, but I am making progress.
The DIY aquarium lid is almost finished. I need to add a hinge and fasten the light properly.


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1. Iris abandoned her shell home she has had for a week and dug a cave under one of the rocks.
2. Iris has turned white or very light gray and has taken strange positions in the cave.
What does this mean?
It is a sad day, the four fish survived and the aquarium is returning to normal.
I could kick myself for letting this happen.
The three year old is saddest of us all, and I would like another octopus as soon as possible.
We have really enjoied this all too short a time with Iris, feeding, petting playing, seeing her open the boxes, chasing the crabs, eating fiddler crabs and shrimp, even the bite was part of getting closer to her.
The heater has been removed, the aquarium water 99% changed, new felt filter socks and a new Octopus 150 Elite Skimmer.
The new octopus arrived a 9:22 AM. I first put an air stone in the plastic bag and took a picture.
I then acclimatized her for an hour, partly because she had defecated and the water was somewhat dirty.
After putting her into the Red Sea 350, I gave her a fiddler crab, she seemed to immediately eat it.


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