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Bill's new Red Sea 350

I went to Half Moon Bay which is just east of us about a half hour away.
The visit was planned to coincidence with a very very low tide so we could go out onto the tide pool with the hope of catching a small crab, some Hermit crab and sea urchins.
We succeeded and brought home some specimens.
I have attached Nanshe catching one of the crabs. You can see the crab bulging out on her left, then a crab leg sticking out to the lower right and finally near the end of the video Nanshe turns up so you can see the crab.


  • !Nanshe Second HMB crab 101250022.MOV
    9.2 MB
Nice! I live in Paso Robles so always go to Pismo Beach to get hermits and shore crabs for Moriarty. I think he prefers the shore crabs as they always go first but they are way harder to catch!

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