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Bill's new Red Sea 350

Bill Walton

Jan 18, 2021
Emerald Hills
Setting up the new Red Sea 350
our befor aquascape Red Sea 350 A 3726 (1).jpg
The 1st fish
Algae Blenny, Chalk Basslet, Blue Green Chromi
I am contemplating some cleaners, a star fish, sea urchin and a coral. but...
I need to know that they will not harm an octopus, any ideas?
Don't worry about the non-octopus inhabitants, I'm interested in what the octopus tolerates, eats or ignores. What sea creatures live together with an octopus?
I am looking toward something diurnal and larger than a dwarf.
The Red Sea 350 is 75 gallons with a 18 gallon sump. I have the standard filter socks ,Skimmer and loads of Biological filtration media. I have also made a heavy 1 inch thick lid of (I think PTFE ) that covers the entire aquarium quite tightly. The overflow are covered with mesh.
I am thinking three weeks should be enough, but I will wait longer if needed.
The fish will keep me on my toes and support the cycling as I wait to see how the aquarium stabilize.
Things went well with my first aquarium and the two dwarf octopuses, so I don't expect any surprises
The tank is automated using Neptune's APEX system and I regularly use several test kits and biweekly water changes.
I'd appreciate any advice and suggestions, I don't want to make any slip-ups.
Let me know if you know of any O.Bimaculoides, that will be available say in three weeks.
I'll put up some pictures as when the lid is complete. (I am going to keep separate threads, one for the Fluval/Dwarf aquarium and one for the Red Sea 350.)
Crab for dinner

Catching, eating and throwing out the shell. Since you could not see it, I skipped the actual eating which took 19 minutes.


  • 20211103 Crab Dinner 953424-101228 .mov
    13.3 MB
Today i got the O. bimaculoidesis (Iris) from Tomh. It was UPS air from San Diego.
I was and still am quite quite nervous.

The package arrived at the UPS Menlo Park Hub at 6 AM, but they do not open for pickup until 10 AM so Iris sat there for four hours on a dolly.
She arrived and I opened the box, all looked fine. I opened the plastic bag and started adding aquarium water.

Every 10 minutes I add a cup. After a good while I poured all the water out and added aquarium water, then I release Iris into the aquarium.

Iris did not hide, but investigated the aquarium.

Iris has 6 fish and two fiddler crabs as companions. I did not realize Iris would be so big, now I feel the fish and crabs will disappear one by one.

I am very excited.



  • MPJ Small.mp4
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  • 1 Iris 5271.jpg
    1 Iris 5271.jpg
    3.6 MB · Views: 39
I have been making friends with Iris. Iris has been coming up to the top of the aquarium to shake finger/arm with me. Iris had eaten one of the fiddler crabs earlier. So I held second fiddler crab with my fingers and Iris came up and took it.


  • Feeding a crab.wmv
    6.6 MB · Views: 39
This is a small clip of Iris when she/he is having a tug of war with my hand.
Toward the end you may see Iris make a small squirt of water toward my hand.
Iris had done a large Squirt earlier where the water went about 15 cm over the aquarium edge.
I am trying to build up my nerve to allow her to pull my hand down into the aquarium.


  • Second small Squirt on me.wmv
    1.9 MB · Views: 84
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