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back and fourth


Oct 21, 2007
Ok so I recently set up my 75 gallon tank with 75 lbs of LR and 50 lbs of Sand... The tank is starting to stabilize now but I plan to wait around two more months just to let the tank get 100% established and what not. Here is my problem....

I can't decide between an Octo and a Cuddle. I like the octos but i dont like the idea of completely shutting down my entire tank so that he can't escape. I think cuddles are so cute and are prob the neatest animals in SW I have yet to see, but the cost a lot to feed.

Lets stay I got cuddles large enough to eat shore shrimp/emerald crabs (or similar sized prey)...does the cost jump down drastically? Mysid just seem like such a pain to find in large amounts, and when you do they are very expensive! Like I said I have about 2 months to think about it completely but I was looking for some suggestions.

In all reality I want cuddles but everything i have read about raising them is discouraging, and i have never gave an animal a home without being completely confident that i would be able to house it correctly.
Lets say I decide to raise two baby Bandensis in my 75 gallon, how many mysid do you think they will consume a week? If its 500 or less I might be able to make it through the baby stage...once i'm past feeding them Mysid I can collect crabs and what not from they millions of beaches surround me lol...its just the initial stage.
The problem with mysid shrimp is that they will eat each other... so 500 might end up being closer to 300 before they're put in the tank... thus putting even more strain on your wallet to make sure the baby cuttles get enough food.

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