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[Article]: New Bimac Care Sheet


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Nov 20, 2002
Hi all,

I've put together a new Bimac Care Sheet, which is available from our Ceph Care page. I hope this will help people thinking of getting a bimac.

Have a look at it:

I have gone a conservative route with the guidelines. For instance, octos can tolerate a bit more nitrates than listed, but can the 2-month old ones? We don't know yet.

Also, much discussion went into the recommended temperature for keeping a bimac in a home aquarium. People do sometimes keep them at higher temperatures, and with success, but indications are it may shorten the bimac's lifespan.

So hope you like it!

Thanks Nancy for another great article! :notworth: No doubt about it, we've got the best ceph content on the Web. 8)

Spread the word, this will help improve the lives of captive bimacs the world over. :thumbsup: