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Arctic octopus


O. vulgaris
Aug 26, 2003
I was just watching a show on the discovery channel on the intellegence of octopus's and was just wondering whether anyone had any experiences with the arctic octopus. The reason I ask is because they are the longest living octo's (six years) and are really small (I think I heard they're golfball size).
I'm not planning on getting one because they probably need water near freezing, but I was just curious.

I don't know of anyone with Arctic octo experience, but from what I've read, the colder the water, the longer the octo lifespan.

I believe that Jean works with cold-water species in New Zealand.

The most stuff online about arctic octos is by James Woods, he studied the arctic octo Bathypolypus articus for his PhD


Also, the only native species in Scotland is an arctic species which is Eledone cirrhosa, a google search will drag up a lot about that one.
Nancy said:
I believe that Jean works with cold-water species in New Zealand.


er .............not that cold ........really! :lol: But yes compared to some of the octis you guys have ours are cold water.......but that hasn't really extended their lives much.

Pinnoctopus cordiformis lives for about 2 years and Octopus huttoni (see Steve got it right this time :lol: :lol: ) for less, around a year or so.

To get really cold water species we'd have to get closer to the antarctic.......maybe look at something like Pareledone sp. Anyone care to fund a wee trip to the ice for me.............................please?