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ammonia levels help

Nov 8, 2004
my tank has been set up for about 2 and 1/2 months now and theer are some fish and live rock in. and this is the second itme the ammonia level spiked on me. i know it iwll once after it gets cycled the first time but the seconds one was kind of a suprise. well any input would help. i did a water change and that helped al ittle but i was wondering if there are and plants or special media i should use in my filters to help. well i hope someone can fill me in on some poeinter. because i want the tank to be perfect for my octo when i get him. by the way it is the 150 gallon octo tank on the gallerie page. also input on that pic wouldbe great to.
take it easy everyone

greg :confused:
Did you loose any of your animals? It's good you did a water change. What type of filtration do you have? How often are you feeding and how much? Could still be going through the cycle as it's still relatively new. I would keep monitering the levels and possibly do another waterchange, but it could be it's still cycling. I am sure the experts will have more info for you!!! Good luck!!!


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