ahab out

Feb 24, 2005
well ahab seems to spend her days now roaming around the base of all the rockwork diggin holes and tunnels... she doesnt seem to be hunting but just destroying my precious sandbed:roll: anyway anytime i put the feeding stick near her she just pushes it away and continues her work... dont know what she is doing but im just glad she comes out during the day now:smile:
Is she still eating? Been my experience that they seem to get very active after the eggs hatch, almost to the point of senseless behaviors. Ink did this for probably 4 to 6 weeks after her eggs disapeared. She continued to eat right up to the end. Keep offering food and keep sharing those great pics with us!

they hatched about 6 days ago... i think they all dissapeared throught the filtration and the digestive track of the cardnal i couldnt catch... the few i did find i put in breeder nets only to have them all dissapear after about 4 days... oh well at least ahab is still alive.
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