AFO Premiere (Colossal Squid/Sperm Whale)

@legendarycroc: I´m not Steve, but I think it would be highly unprobable that even the largest Mesonychoteuthis had any chance against a sperm whale. Even despite the fact that this squid are true monsters with hooks, tentacles and a fierce beak, they are still very tiny compared to a sperm whale. A Mesonychoteuthis with a mantle length of 4m would have a weight somewhere between 1 and 1,5 tons, about as much as a big white shark. But even a smaller bull sperm whale has a weight of about 15 tons or more, the squid had no possibility to hurt the whale in a serious way.

Despite off-topic I wanted also say something additional to the animal -face-offs: Last year a brown bear attacked some yaks of Reinhold Messner (the famous mountaineer) who had brought some of this animals to Tirol. One bull was so badly hurted, that it died the next day. Yaks are very strong animals, and the bear was no grizzly but only a european brown bear, which are a good bit smaller than their american cousains.

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