AFO Premiere (Colossal Squid/Sperm Whale)

Steve O'Shea

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Nov 19, 2002
Well, for easterners we get to see the finale 2hr episode of Animal Face Off, aka AFO, Colossal Squid vs Sperm Whale, on Sunday 12 September (in NZ 7:30-9.30pm). I don't know what happened to the US screening.

That's NZ, Australia, Thailand/eastern countries, probably India also (have we any members from India???). I haven't seen the final edit myself, so it's going to be kind-of interesting from that perspective (even though I know the outcome).

Steve: This sounds very interesting as usually they are things that might be better off kept as a pub arguement ("Which would win in a fight: A tiger or a shark?", "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm it depends on whether it was shallow water or not", etc.) but this is actually relevant!!

The mini-site is here:


and it apepars people who can't see it can eventually get the DVD.

People can get more information on this episode via:


and sign up for an email update.
as a resident of the us,..i won't be seeing the show...i've no tv either so gsh steve,..ruin it for me?

enquiring minds and all that. :mrgreen:
not that it should be a great mystery...considering that we've known about the colossal from evidence in the belly of the spermacetti,right?
I'll not comment, other than say I did have a laugh or 5, and that I was amazed that the entire 2 hrs was dedicated to this programme, without recapping on earlier shows (as I thought might happen).

Some of the squid imagery was pretty good, if I say so myself .... in fact you'd be hard-pressed to tell it from the real thing (some of it).

Did anyone watch?
Howdo Legendarycroc. I've been watching your posts on the AFO Bulletin board (sorry to see that basically be disbanded; my pseudonym was Mesonychoteuthis).

You can find out a lot about that AFO episode by following the latter part of the following thread:
Tentarcticles (Mesonychoteuthis / Colossal Squid)

I'm afraid I've long-since forgotten what we got up to, and when, but there should be a decent chronological account on the earlier link. There are many other images that we have here that I'm now more comfortable about posting (on the aforementioned thread), but had been reluctant to do so until the premiere.

I'm not sure if you've seen it yet (you're US based aren't you?). I actually think that this DVD/video is worth getting; I think it's better in many ways than the earlier 'Chasing Giants' (certainly more entertaining, and there's none of this 'Steve gets weepy' nonsense).
J, the model .... well, something is planend for it, but it does need a little TLC.

LegendaryC ... afraid I don't have any images of the whale being built; sorry
(sigh)... im like never gonna see the in canada only 3 AFO episodes have aired :x croc vs sahrk, lion vs tiger, hippo vs shark, and this weekend cougar vs wolf, and elephant vs rhino, next month there's gorilla vs leopard and bear vs tiger... and its probably gonna be airing like next year..... i can not wait that long!!!!!Go sperm whale (im just rooting for the whale because idea)
i'm personally routing for the hippo against the schedule dept of the once tolerable network.....

hey, i know, maybe we can remodel :meso:'s apt. and thereby get on the channel...... :roll:

As much as i hate PBS, they could do 10^7 times better than the people now controlling "discovery" channel.....

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