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Steve O'Shea

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Nov 19, 2002
Discovery Channel had their premiere of a new 12-part series titled "Animal Face Off" (or AFO for short). The 12th in this series is the Colossal Squid vs the Sperm Whale (we're not letting on anything about it, other than what has already been posted in the R & D forum), airing 06 June, but I'm interested to hear any reviews of the series, if anyone has watched it, any of the programmes.

It is not airing on New Zealand Discovery Channel yet - ours is Australasian Discovery [edited].
the first show aired last week here...great white vs. crocodile...I guess in our day and age of video combat, it is a way to get teens to watch a show and maybe spark some interest in animals...but...the details were "croc-hunter-ified"...over the top sensationalism and somewhat overblown thoughts on the "dangerous and deadly" aspect of the beasts...very nice videography and cg effects though.
Thanks Greg. You'll probably have kittens if you can stomach watching the series through to episode 12; a particular someone, who shall go unnamed, is ever-so-slightly less-than serious in his approach.

It's supposed to be sensationalised entertainment, as the two animals that face off wouldn't normally (apart from the whale and squid) meet/enter into combat. Of course, I'd have preferred it had it been a face off between a grizzly bear, tiger or lion and a colossal squid, in the squid's natural environment! On land, in a battle between a mouse and a sperm whale, the mouse would have won!

Anyone else any thoughts, or did only one person in the whole wide world watch the show.
(EDIT - description and play-by-play, dont want to give it away as it still has time to air) I enjoyed watching the show. Cant wait to see the Colossal and the whale Face-Off. The Giant (undiscovered) Ammonite could take them all on, it was the real reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs ya know :biggrin2:
now now... I only meant that the show was somewhat sensationalized...i am sure that YOUR appearance will be very, very professional, and very logical.
no, really.
i prefer cartoon networks version..... even if the morons favor a croc..... :roll: they have a little spoof goin on about a flying croc vs. a flying shark..... of course its common knowledge that a shark would make the croc look stupid for about a second and a half beofre it bites the croc in two.... :smile: the flying great white would reign supreme until it meets a flying messie.... or just me...

Simply marionettes dancing for my amusement

Cupidlu :heart: :whalevsa:
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I see Discovery are already selling DVDs of some of the episodes but not the colossal squid/whale one yet. Steve, do you happen to know if this will be released? It'll probably be the only way I will get to see it :frown:

Is there a nematode vs hookworm episode?
I happened to catch a commercial about that show today and it was the first i've heard of it...

I have to say I'm disappointed with the Discovery Channel lately.... more often than not, i'll turn it on sometime during the week and I'll find some reality decorating show....or car show... or hot rod whatever... and now this show which appears to have robotic replicas of animals fighting eachother.

Does anyone else think this channel used to be better? To me, it looks like it had sold out to whatever it can grab the most attention with.
WhiteKiboko said:
of course its common knowledge that a shark would make the croc look stupid for about a second and a half beofre it bites the croc in two:

I think you might find this interesting.
"biting below the waist...Ouch!....I bet that hurt!"
what a neat page...very cool !

Fluffy: you actually pegged it...our lives have become so overworked that now everyone has to have over-fun ...and so a channel that needs ratings to stay alive is forced to show a lot of sensationalized shows..."Jaques Cousteau's Underwater World" would be a flop on todays breast augmented, bootie shaking tv stations. Lets face it, as a demographic, we are a very,very small one !
I like the food network.

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