Animal Face Off

Well...some of the spinoff channels are good...Discovery Health, Discovery Wings, etc... they are just trying to make a profit, after all. and who knows, maybe some kid will be intrigued enough by one of the shows to actually learn about sharks or crocs. some good will have to come out of it all.
No, really, it's very nice. I don't think that I could get by without it. I suppose a lobotomy might work, but I'd imagine that operating heavy machinery would be way more difficult.


[further vitriol also excised]
um... said:
The diver?

... I wonder when E-channel are going to do a biography on Neil Diamond.
[edited, Steve]

Phil, squid vs whale airs June 6 ... though don't expect to learn much science from it (because not a lot of truth was uttered from these lips ... there'll be a BS disclaimer at the very beginning I'd imagine). It was that or I get up and go, saying there's no way X could beat/eat Y, end of story, 94 mins to fill.
Ah yes...a slave to the corporate masses!
welcome to the club !
Hell's bells ! Sure, so you had to cow-tow a little...but heck, maybe somewhere some children will say to themselves "hey, giant squid are neat ! we should learn more about them !"
That is all it took for me, way back when, and it can only effect them for the positive ! You could be influencing a whole new generation of cephologists and future Tonmo supporters..(Tony's dream)
I already saw Shark vs. Croc and Elephant vs. Rhino, I'm glad that the shark won, but I was rooting for the Rhino, that was stupid, I'm sure that many people have decided to make this show their weekly famliy gambling spree, I'm a little curious as to how the squid's arms and tentacles were made, care to provide any insight, Steve?
I miss the days when my whole family would complain about the mind-numbingly educational shows when the remote was in my hands.

I was bored a while back and got an idea to put in my 2 cents... so i found an email address for comments on the discovery channel website. They said they would reply in 1-2 weeks...heh...heh. I, of course, dont ever expect one. But I figured I might as well do it anyway.

What do you guys think of the National Geographic Channel? I dont watch much tv anymore, but from the few things I've seen, it looks fairly decent.
.... anyone catch Lion vs Tiger?? I see hippo vs bullshark is next up (next Sunday)
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