AFO Premiere (Colossal Squid/Sperm Whale)

Perhaps we could break a few of :meso:'s arms or something and get it sent to the ER. Or maybe we could dress it up all skankily, give it a chihuahua, have it act like an airhead, and get it shown on Fox.
Clem said:
Carson: "Oh. My. God. Magenta is SO 2003."

.... as I've got sideburns, am colourblind, have 3 sets of undies with little green aliens on them, time is a continuum, and I wouldn't know what time, day, month or year it was, Magenta rocks baby!!
I saw this!

I thought it was one of the sillest things I have seen in a while and oh, so long winded! Steve, you must have been in fits of laughter most of the time. It looked all so serious but so overstaged...

I was wondering what happened to the model as well.

And Steve, please go and get your glasses adjusted! It is driving me spare!!!!

Steve O'Shea said:
J, the model .... well, something is planend for it, but it does need a little TLC.

Just after I posted that message I heard a little rumour bout the model......will be most excited if its's true!!!!

eeeeeeeeeeek now I'm doing the mysterious's me :goofysca: :goofysca: :goofysca: :shock: :shock:

Re: I saw this!

krin said:
And Steve, please go and get your glasses adjusted! It is driving me spare!!!!

:shock: What's wrong with my glasses? Nobody likes my glasses!! Everyone is telling me to get my glasses fixed/changed. Why don't people like my glasses?? My favourite glasses have HUGE lenses, near-twice the size of my current ones (that are only ~ 10 years old, frame wise)!

I like my glasses!
Hmm... where will I find these underwears with the print of green aliens? And why didn't you answer my question? And where did I park the car? :bonk:
Ooooops, slaps wrists.

Back on topic all.

Now where were we?

Oh, that's right. What rumour have you heard about the model Jean?

It's exhausting being serious all of the time! Smurfware; LOL
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