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Absolute Basics


Jan 31, 2004
So, I've pretty recently been made aware of the fact that octopi (or is it octopuses? or octopodes) are extremely cool. I want one.

But man, it looks like a pretty big undertaking. I've picked up some info from browsing the forums, but I don't have a clue what I'm doing. About all I've raised before is goldfish.

Is there a site with detailed information about the basics of running this kind of tank? Just an introduction to the vocabulary would be handy -- what's a sump, what are the different kinds of lighting and filtering, etc. Thanks for helping!
Hi WingedCoyote,

Welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

Why don't you look at our Ceph Care articles first. Just click on the Ceph Care button above, and look at Colin's Equipment List (which contains more than just equipment) and my Checklist for a start. You'll find more useful information if you follow the links.

Then, reading through past posts is also very informative.

There's a lot to learn, you're right, but it's possible to do. We're standing by to answer your questions

Thanks guys, I appreciate having a little direction! :smile: I'm reading up now, and I'll come back when I get to the point of more specific questions.

Oh, one thing for the time being -- what's an overflow? I know it's part of the water filtration system, but I can't figure out the specifics of the structure.

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