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Feb 6, 2005
hi okay i finaly had made up my mind since all the octos i get alway are old and pruny i want to try a bimac it is very hard to change from one octo to another but i will do it but i will need alot of help since i know nothing about this octo except the circle it has somewhere on its body

and that octopets sell them :biggrin2:

But everything else i know NOTHING so tell me all you people know iwould apreciate if you could not tell me to go to ceph care because i HATE reading.

Also i am going to shoot for the octopet farm with the egg and stuff
octopus_octo said:
........heh..heh... that dosent help me

Well given the fact that there's most likely no video on how to care for cephs/octopuses, I don't think your gonna get much help to be honest. If you don't like reading, im not sure what we can do or what you can find. If you want info on taking care of Octopuses your best bet is to read and research...especially on their biology and their captivation. It's so important to learn about cephs from the BASE up...because its healthy for them and the most effective way to mantain them as animals.

If your enthusiastic with octopuses like us here...I thought reading ABOUT octo's would be enjoyable. If you dont find reading about octo's educational as well as enjoyable, then im not sure how enthusiastic you are with them. You have to really love them to keep them and not just for thrill purposes.
octopus_octo said:
But everything else i know NOTHING so tell me all you people know iwould apreciate if you could not tell me to go to ceph care because i HATE reading.

At the risk of asking the obvious, if someone answers you on this thread, isn't it just as hard to read it here as in ceph care? :hmm: Really, this strikes me as disrespectful of all the work Nancy, Colin, and crew have put into writing up the articles in ceph care-- they've put a lot of effort into making sure that the information there is proofread and tested, so that they are good sources of information, probably a good deal better than anything that anyone would write up as a specific response to your questions. Of course, Tony was thinking of doing audio (and maybe video) lectures in a "podcast" as a new feature for TONMO, so maybe that would be an easier format for you if someone makes a multimedia extravaganza of bimac care... but nevertheless, I think it is much more polite to take advantage of the resources people have set up than to dismiss them out of hand because you're uncomfortable with the format... It's wonderful that this is a forum where you can get experts to answer specific questions, but having the experts answer basic questions they've already written up the details of presumes that they have nothing better to do than spend their time hand-feeding you information that is available elsewhere... Just my :twocents:, and I feel a bit like I'm playing "miss manners" here, but this comment struck me as really not giving the ceph care staff the respect they very much deserve :notworth:
I don't know...perhaps we can market:

"Ho 2 kep n Octo"

Tony, we'll make millions. No really.
Hey, Greg.... I want a portion of the profits when the audio version comes out.

Octo Octo.... I know I wasn't terribly helpful. Sometimes I get a little impish. I think the other members here understood what I was getting at.
I don't think we can tell you how to keep a ceph in a few short posts. If you don't want to do research and read the Ceph Care articles in addition to past posts, you're probably not ready to keep an octo.

There's a lot to read and a lot to learn, but we've tried to draw together the information in the articles to make it easier for you. Quite a few Tonmo members have been able to use this information successfully.

Sorry there are no shortcuts!

..well i like reading like on a forum but if it is like on a web page then it sorta reminds me of a book and alot of times only fantasy books get my attention but i will do it for the octo's
OK here's my unsolicited :twocents: .

Don't get a ceph of anysort, leave them to those of us who feel dedicated to the little guys (some are a little obsessive, you know who you are.) Start off with something that is quite hardy, and work your way there. You won't get the satisfaction that you seek by just mixing up some water in a 10 gal with a cotton/carbon bubble filter. There is a lot of experience that goes into those articles, and a great deal of passion. I am quite certain that the individuals that contribute, do so out of the goodness of their hearts, and to share knowledge and pass on wisdom to those that are willing to go through the process of keeping these wonderful creatures. Not only that, the knowledge base that was necessary to develope the understanding that is required to keep a ceph, is probally in the millions of dollars. It may sound a little outrageous, but if you take into acount the amount of time spent cleaning, caring for, feeding, observing, taking notes, maintaining water quality, temperature, making more observations, and then making adjustments. After having to do all that, reapply that to an emergency condition where something, seemingly innocuous, went wrong, then having to correct the condition, then do it all again. And not to mention the proper equipment that has to be purchased, just so you can do all of this. And keep in mind, everyone here, that has kept cephs successfully have indeed become emotionally attached to them. No one here would refute that statement, so to say that you don't want to read the forums that are available to you for FREE makes me a little :mad: . Read into this any way you'd like but that's my :twocents: .

Good luck to you.
Castor said:
, so to say that you don't want to read the forums that are available to you for FREE makes me a little :mad: .

i said i like reading forums:mad: !!! i said i do- never mind just info me on bimacs

:notworth: fill me with knowlage

also i am experienced with octos i had a O. briareus over than 1year
I'll close this thread -- I think the point was made -- please fill yourself with knowledge by leveraging the information available to you on this site. We're not here to spoon-feed -- to get the most of your experience on TONMO.com you will need to learn how to leverage the incredible value within -- by reading.
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