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24g Nano, what are my options???


Dec 29, 2005
Im not a complete newbee and have been doing some extensive reaserch for my new 24g Nano. The delema I seem to have run into is that there arnt many octipus or cuddlefish if any at all that will be abble to live in my tank due to its size. I kind of figured this before purchasing the tank, but I thought there might be something unique cool and fun to watch other than just some coral, anemone, snails, crabs and small passive fish. I just want like a nice center piece to my tank, like somthing that has cool hunting habits, it wouldnt bother me if it liked to hide all the time either, as long as once aand a while I got to see a glimse of mother nature at its finest right in my own room. Any suggestion would help, thanks all.
Oh my God I think I have found my new calling in life lol, I am going to give raising a sepia bandensis a shot. I have always loved cuttle fish but never knew they came in that size. It might be perfect for the kind of tank I want to put together but I will have to do some research. Thanks for the suggestions!
You could try a sea horse - check out meleves reef - the guy who builds all the sumps, he has a nano with a seahorse, and a video to boot. Very cool.

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