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  1. T

    Nautilus Shell request for educational purposes

    Hello Everyone, I work for a non profit aquarium in San Francisco that runs educational programs for the public. I am putting together a project that involves talking about how cephalopods have shown the reduction of an external shell from the nautilus shell down to the complete absence of a...
  2. Beyond Extinction:  The Eternal Ocean (Wolfgang Grulke)

    Beyond Extinction: The Eternal Ocean (Wolfgang Grulke)

    With good cause, the past 20 years has seen an explosion of articles, publications and books dealing with the impacts of climate change. Wolfgang Grulke's beautifully illustrated Beyond Extinction: The Eternal Ocean - Climate change & the continuity of life explores the organisms throughout...
  3. C

    Cymatoceras elegans nautilus

    I was thrilled to have found this huge nautilus at beachy head yesterday. 28cm across. apparently pretty rare find. now to try cleaning it up!
  4. tonmo

    New Species of Nautilus discovered

    Congratulations, @gjbarord -- looking forward to hearing about this trip, and this new species! New species of Nautilus discovered in Savusavu last week
  5. V

    Help Identifying Nautilus Shell

    Hello. I went to an auction and bid on a lot. Turns out there were three shells in the lot with a bunch of other miscellaneous items. A nautilus, and abalone and a MOP. I am trying to get more information on the nautilus because I know zero about them, not that I know that much more about the...
  6. Nautilus feed

    Nautilus feed

    Nautilus get excited during broadcast feed
  7. Haliphron atlanticus spotted on Greg B's nautilus cam

    Haliphron atlanticus spotted on Greg B's nautilus cam

    From Greg Barord, as posted to our FB page: the elusive and rare, Haliphron atlanticus, better known as the 7-armed octopus! So many cool organisms down in nautilus country! - gjbarord
  8. tonmo

    Nautilus gets much needed protection

    @gjbarord's efforts paying off. He was in South Africa recently and helped close with CITES on raising the chambered nautilus on the endangered species list, driving international protection: Chambered Nautilus Receives Much-needed International Protection Local coverage on Greg: Paging Dr...
  9. Ili Castillo

    Nautilus mantle degeneration

    Hello, I am sort of new in TONMO, I have no idea if this is how I should start a new thread, but I am going to give it a go, hopefully someone can give me some advice. I am wondering if anyone has seen a degeneration on Nautilus mantle, practically the tissue lose its color and texture and...
  10. Mark Carnall

    Let's make living fossils extinct

    Let's make living fossils extinct Mark Carnall Guardian Lost Worlds Revisited Blog Some shameless self promotion but thought it would be of interest to the community for every time nautiluses are described as living fossils (I also couldn't help reference cephs given the chance). I've had a...
  11. gjbarord

    Nautiluses FINALLY Being Proposed for Protection!!!

    Hi All, The United States along with Fiji, Palau, and India are formally proposing that Family Nautilidae be listed under the CITES Convention and adopted in Appendix II. This is a huge step in Nautilus Conservation. This would significantly increase the reporting of nautilus importing and...
  12. DWhatley

    The Odd Nautilus Organs Named After People

    The Odd Nautilus Organs Named After People
  13. gjbarord

    In the Iowa area? Rediscover the "Fuzzy" Nautilus with Dr. Barord...

    Hi Everyone, I'll be talking with folks in Des Moines, Iowa in January about our recent expedition to Papua New Guinea where we rediscovered the Fuzzy Nautilus, aka, Allonautilus scrobiculatus. The science was amazing, the culture was amazing, the adventure was amazing! This is part of our...
  14. DWhatley

    Fuzzy Nautilus Rediscovered and Filmed

    NatGeo blog entry with images and a summary of some of the work @gjbarord participated in during his last summer of his PhD work with Peter Ward. Fuzzy Nautilus Rediscovered and Filmed
  15. gjbarord

    Recycled Art For Nautiluses!

    Check out this awesome piece of art made from recycled magazines and a lot of patience I would think. Another cool part of her work is that she has donated portions of her sales of certain pieces to specific organizations. Check her work out! http://www.crystaldavispapermosaics.com/
  16. phOOey

    Captive nautilus buoyancy issues

    Hi all, I was hoping someone may be able to help me with some nautilus I have in my lab at the moment. They seem to have lost the ability to control their buoyancy, they all just tend to float at the surface. Other than that they seem absolutely fine health wise. From reading around it seems...
  17. DWhatley

    Shrinking Nautilus Population

    It is becoming clear that the nautilus is quietly being over-fished for its shell. @gjbarord has been studying the population and fishing sustainability while obtaining his PhD. This thread is to record articles and link for results of the research and awareness changes.
  18. gjbarord

    Nautilus Drawings

    Hi Everyone, One of the hardest questions I still get asked is "What is a nautilus?". Sometimes it's even harder to draw what a nautilus looks like because I am not a very good artist... So, if someone asked you to draw/paint/sketch what a nautilus looked like, what would you do? Check out...
  19. DWhatley

    6000-7000 Year Old Nautilus Shells Found

    THE NAUTILUS DEATH CENOTE MAPES, Royal, Dept of Geological Sciences, Ohio University, 316 Clippinger Laboratories, Athens, OH 45701, [email protected], LIGNIER, Vincent, Laboratoire PPME, Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, BP R4, Nouméa, 98851, New Caledonia, LANDMAN, Neil H., Division of...