1. DWhatley

    Shrinking Nautilus Population

    It is becoming clear that the nautilus is quietly being over-fished for its shell. @gjbarord has been studying the population and fishing sustainability while obtaining his PhD. This thread is to record articles and link for results of the research and awareness changes.
  2. DWhatley

    ? Nautilus shell growth

    From @Architeuthoceras I understand that ammonites grew new shell chambers and "moved" forward into the new growth, keeping and closing off the old housing. Somehow I had it in my head that this was true of the nautilus as well because they also have chambers and a siphuncle running through the...
  3. N

    Doggy - the Chambered Nautilus

    (hmm, no appropriate prefix? ;) started a thread on Nautilus feeding earlier, and have decided to start a journal thread here instead. First and foremost - the name. My 21 month old daughter is fascinated by all animals. Additionally, her favorite thing to watch on TV is "Scooby Doo", which...
  4. N

    nautilus feeding

    Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere - I have read numerous threads and articles but have yet to see a decent discussion. How much and how often should an adult be fed? I currently have one adult in a 120gal tank (previously housed several generations of sepia bandesis, now lowered...
  5. gjbarord

    Nautilus Drawings

    Hi Everyone, One of the hardest questions I still get asked is "What is a nautilus?". Sometimes it's even harder to draw what a nautilus looks like because I am not a very good artist... So, if someone asked you to draw/paint/sketch what a nautilus looked like, what would you do? Check out...
  6. DWhatley

    6000-7000 Year Old Nautilus Shells Found

    THE NAUTILUS DEATH CENOTE MAPES, Royal, Dept of Geological Sciences, Ohio University, 316 Clippinger Laboratories, Athens, OH 45701, [email protected], LIGNIER, Vincent, Laboratoire PPME, Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, BP R4, Nouméa, 98851, New Caledonia, LANDMAN, Neil H., Division of...
  7. S

    Waikiki Aquarium Nautiluses

    Hi! So today I visited the Waikiki aquarium and I saw the Nautiluses! And I had questions about them, but there was no one to help! So if there is a person who works at the Waikiki aquarium and works for the Nautiluses I would love you to answer some questions! Thanks
  8. Tintenfisch

    Nautilus embryo video

    Hi everyone, Received the email below this morning, via the ceph research mailing list, and thought it might interest some folks here, too. - - - Over the years (decades!), we’ve published several papers on the collecting, husbandry and breeding of chambered nautilus. I now want to...
  9. gjbarord

    faux Nautilus shells

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping to get some good feedback from the community on this possibility. So please give me any suggestions or concerns you may have. What are the odds that you would purchase a manufactured nautilus shell from a "shell store" or gift shop instead of a real nautilus...