[Octopus Eggs]: Zyan's Babies - Please report in!!!

Yeah that was my thought but the whole thing ?
Gir was kinda big...
any way moot point
Dib died last night
was eating...then stopped...then was eating again...then stopped.
Strange critters. cant seem to figure out why they do what they do.
Dib was always reclusive. Gir was always in the open. I guess when they spread it out like that survival will favor ONE of them.
RIP Dib..and Belatedly Gir
Stretch Update

Hello all,
I finally got time to give an update and post some pics. Stretch is doing great,I have been feeding him every other day with frozen shrimp,clams, muscles, and crabs.I like to watch him splitting clams open and dragging them back to his den.Here are some pics of him with his favorite toy, a magfloat.I have tried other toys but he seems to like his magfloat the best.He will chase it around the tank when Im cleaning the glass and pull it right off the glass when Im not around.Well thats all I have for now, thanks again Zy,What great pets these creatures make. Steve





Stretch looks great and about the same size as Spike. We hit the local seafood market who's name happens to be "Spikes' Seafood" and got some bay scallops and giant shrimp for Spike. He ate 2 scallops and came back looking for more! So far up to 3. They are about an 1" in size so he's had 3 of them so far. I remember Ollie, Nancy's octopus used to love them! Looks like we have another one that does too!
Mr. Octopus is still with us and just survived a move. He hasn't grown as large as Spike; his mantle is maybe the size of a lime. We've been feeding him a small or medium fiddler crab either daily or every other day.

Sla'neesh is doing great,despite his run in with the mantis. He's taking large shrimp every other day. He begs when its feeding time. He'll come to the surface, roll over on his back, spread out his arms, and wave them till I give him the shrimp. I think he has a crush on Patrick, the CC star, in there with him since he spends alot of time "holding hands" with it.
Has anyone noticed a decrease in interaction as they are aging? Spike has become content to only seek me out when he wants food. He's huge. Size of a Grapefruit curled up. He swims across the tank. He really should be in a bigger tank, like a 100 gal. I did not expect him to reach the size that he has.
Mr. O. is still very interactive--he'll grab on to me even if he has just eaten (or in some cases if he still is). Mr. Octopus is much smaller than Spike, though, perhaps the size of a small orange curled up.

I'de say that Sla'neesh is still very interactive. He's always up for a game of "tug o war". Although lately he's been getting into rearranging the rock work more than ever. I'm blaming the fact that he watches all those home improvement shows with my wife all day!:lol:
Well ,I am sad to say that Stretch has passed on.I arrived home from work yesterday to find the tank cloudy (with ink I presume) and my worst fears where true ,Stretch was dead.There was a definate lack of interaction and activity the last month or so. Thank you all for your help and advice as this was my first octo.
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