[Octopus Eggs]: Zyan's Babies - Please report in!!!


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Nov 20, 2002
Spike is doing wonderfully. Been 9 days. He is nosey. I have always drummed my fingers on the outside of the tank of any octopus that I have had from Day 1 just so he knows it's me. Well his new thing is when he hears the drumming he has to peak and see what I'm up to from whereever he happens to be in the tank. Plus if he's close enough he will try to touch my fingers. Today I found him in about 20 different spots. There are times I'm looking for him and until I drum my fingers, I can't find him as he's so blended. All the snails are almost gone and he's graduated to crabs that are about the same size as him. No clear pics to post as of yet. He is a little shy, but is deffinately getting very curious!
Blinky the Bimac!I've had Blinky for about 12 days, but she continues to remain the the same den, only venturing out at night for brief moments to catch crabs. I only have 2 crabs left. I bought a bag of Uncooked shrimp with the shell on. She didn't eat any, but she had just eaten a crab the night before. Will the legs and carapace shell foul the water? They don't seem to deteriorate, or decay or anything. I think it'd be cool to leave them all there to show how many crabs she had killed.

When I come near, she does poke her eyes out to see what i'm doing lol. I think she's either shy, or something's wrong...
If she pokes her eye(s) out to see you, she's probably fine. Octopuses have different personalities, some bolder, some more shy.

You might order a shipment of fiddlers from The Aquaculture Store.
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Some octopuses take longer than others to get acclimated to dead food. All will take live.

I've had Sla'neesh for almost a week now and he seems to be doing fine. He appears to have settled into a medium conch shell. I havn't noticed any snails missing but all of the small hermits I had in there gone. All 6 shells are piled outside his den. I have seen him take down 2 of the crabs that Zyan sent with him,they're the same size as he is!! He seems to be getting used to us since he doesn't pull all the way into his den when we approach. I havn't tried handling him yet,figure I'll give him a few more days. I'll post some pics when I can.
I have had Stretch for over a month now,and he is doing great.He is on a steady diet of crabs and snails.I tried squid and krill but he doesnt seem to like them much.I am going to get some silver sides or sand eels next week and try those,I will try to get some pics up next week as well.
I've had my two bimacs from zyan almost a month now and their both doing great. They're eating crabs,snails and even shellless frozen shrimp.For the last week or so I've been feeding them the shrimp straight from my hand.They do have there own personalitys because one of them is out all the time , and the other one is a little more shy. but not like some of the others I've herd about. Like I said there both eating right out my hands.
Well Sla'neesh has been with us for over a month now and I'd have to say he's made himself at home. He spends about half the day just hanging out on the front of his tank watching us. In fact when Jordy (my daughter) walks up to his tank he swims up and sits on the wall directly in front of her. He's at least doubled his size since we got him,is a great eater,and extremely social.
Heres a quick video of him getting a fiddler. This was the first time I used a jar.
For anyone interested this is the same way I introduced Vigo to jars n she eventually learned to take a lid off. We'll see if Sla'neesh can learn it too.

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He sounds like Spike. Have you let him touch you yet? It's been really interesting the different personalities on all the babies.
corw314;86346 said:
He sounds like Spike. Have you let him touch you yet? It's been really interesting the different personalities on all the babies.

As a matter of fact, I was setting up a floating toy for him today and he "jumped" on my thumb. I could feel him "tasting" my thumb but he never bit. I did get a nice squirt of water when I raised my hand too close to the surface.
Since I set up his toy, he's played with it several times. I post a pic next time he climbs on.
Cool!!! Spike had my hand for a good ten minutes. Freaked me a little. I had put a large green lego in with him, but I think he got spooked after it was in there for while as he inked 3 times in a day, but since I removed it, he's been fine. Also tonight I defrosted the frozen prawn petshops sell, and he was all over it, even taking the serpentstars share right out of the poor things mouth!
I got Gir and Dib from Zyan
I keep them in a 150 gal tank
Gir is out going and agressive while Dib hides in the castle most of the time
have been some entaglements but nothing serious
just one roaming looking for something to eat and bump into the other one.
Hopefully if i keep them well fed and happy they wont eat eachother
So far these are the bimac siblings from zyan silver:

Mizu Gir and Dib (2 bimacs)
DHyslop Sleipner
seeveboo Stretch
corw314 Spike
Brock Fluharty Blinky
caz2022 Sla'nesh
octo joe 2 bimacs

Please correct me if there are any errors, and if there are more siblings out there, please report in!

Here are a few more pics of Sla'neesh. He's playing on his new toy.


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