[Octopus]: Introducing Motiarty o. rubescens


Blue Ring
Sep 21, 2020
Paso Robles, CA
I’ve had this little fellow for just under a week, thanks to @Tomh - arrived in excellent heath if quite skeptical of me. He’s quite a ham and on day three decided to check me out (I definitely left it to him to make contact, of course) he is surprisingly strong even though I knew they are stronger than they look. I am 90% he wanted to try to eat my finger, but I still love him. I’ve seen him every day but definitely still panicked many many times that he somehow got out or died…. I was going to call him Sherlock (or Agatha if my working assumption he’s a boy based on what I think is a “specialized” arm turned out to be wrong), but he leaves crab carapaces and shells all over—in his wake, if you will—so Moriarty seemed more fitting.

I’ve got him in a Red Sea Reefer 250 right next to my 900xxl mixed reef, with a chiller, glass top, and mesh over return and overflow, among other bells and whistles. I set it up last year and waited very patiently to get him. My first octopus after about 4 years of reefing, and a lifetime of loving animals, and bothering everyone I know who eats octopus about how smart they are (octopuses, the people who eat them are idiots, obviously 😂)



Omg those long arms! If you’re brave enough, let him bring your finger to his beak, he might just want to “test” it haha, blooper would do that with me, I could feel it rubbing my skin 😂
This big boy decided to nibble my skin! I just felt a tiny pinch/prick and I guess he learned human flesh isn’t tasty 😂 he’s not my bimac haha, my friends who is too scared to play with him in the tank! But now seeing how curious they are makes me want one!


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@Hadla i let him just pull on my hand tonight until he realized he couldn’t pull it all the way to the bottom of the tank and gave up - he never bit me. He had taken a hermit crab from me and then dropped it and tried to pull me down instead. ♥️🐙♥️🐙

Here he is at the surface reaching over the ledge where all the hermit crabs try unsuccessfully to hide from him… 😂💀

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