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Wunderpus Article


Colossal Squid
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Jan 22, 2004
I wrote an article about Fontanelle for Anthony Calfo's magazine. :grin: It was just published but here is a link to the copy I scanned and a thumbnail of the first page. Lemmie know what you think!

The Ballet of the Wunderpus


There is also a flamboyant article in this months Aquarium Fish International
Nice photo of a blue ring? Is it a photo of one of yours? Never even seen anything on a Wunderpus before now. As to the question of rare, something that should be left in the wild to reproduce so it doesn't die out. Been reading that a nautilids can live a very long time (many years) but the eggs take a year to hatch and they only lay them once or twice a year.
A search on TONMO should answer most of the questions that you have been posting in the last two days, or by browsing the exotics forum. If you do the basic searching I think you will find people more willing to help you out and it will feel less like you have an ulterior motive.

That said:
Wunderpus vs Mimic
I am confused by that statement! I have only really kept things in a tanks that I have scuba dived with and see in person. I am a strong supported of the reef protection and feel that critters that have low numbers should be left in the ocean were they belong, I think it is ok to go and visit them in the ocean and photograph them were they live. Besides, I though the point of this site is to answer question people have and provide information. How long would I have to search though posting before I would have found the link you just provided me if I wouldn't have asked. If I want to do a drive trip to see one of this up close and my photograph it, I should be able to find more information on it by asking. Why reinvent the wheel?

I have been browsing the exotic forum and that is why I have been asking question. Daaaaa.
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