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Would like a Bimac

big red

Apr 4, 2005
Hi all.

Would like advice on setting up a tank for a bimac (ive heard these are the best octopus' for keeping in captivity). Afraid I have quite a few questions :confused:

The tank will be 50 gal (uk) aprox. Planning on adding 1-2 inches of fine sand & some live rock. Will be using a decent external filter, and a hang on skimmer. Lights will be just t8's. Will be careful to not leave any gaps in the lid for it to escape.

What is the max size of a bimac & max life expectancy?

Is there any beginner guide that someone could give me a link to?

I was planning to put no other livestock with him but do they get bored if theyre on their own? - Is there anything else I should be putting in with him to keep him entertained (Im aware of a 'mad cow' type disease that octopus' get if they arent kept entertained)?

I realise they eat crabs etc but has anyone successfully got theirs onto frozen cockles etc?

Can they be handled (carefully obviously)?

What 'games' do people play with their octopus'

Anything else?

Make sure you check out Ceph Care. Pretty much all your questions will be answered. And as to playing, there are many different ways. I have put crabs in containers, legos floating, all my octos have liked to play hide and seek, tapping lightly on the glass, Gimpy tries to pounce on my fingers as they tap by him. And I'm sure there's many more ways....pretty much whatever you find your octo responds to is ok. I have never handled any of my octos, but I have discovered recently that Gimpy likes to be petted when he is up by the waterline.
Yeah, please check out the 'Ceph Care' section of this site as it gives info for equipment list, and bimac care sheet.

Make sure that you make good aquarium salt water...will you be using RO/DI water and sea salt? Make sure you have a hydrometer to measure salinity levels, thermometer for temperature, and water test kits for pH, ammonia...ect. All water parameters are also on the bimac care sheet.
Yep, almost all of your questions are found under cephcare...do some surfing here too, there are some great pics of octos playing with legos, etc...


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