Wonderful pic of Steve

Re: Wonderful pic of Steve

Carl J. Bobrow said:

Now now, let's not make phun of this photo. Steve looks good as the next Dr. Evil! Personally, I think it was a pretty cool photo... MAD PROPS TO STEVE-O! :oshea:

Now if he ever gets a puffy white persian cat, we're all in big trouble. That, and siphoning money off a fat research grant will make him a James Bond supervillain.

But seriously, good articles, Steve. What do you feel about Dr. Dawson's argument? If you are on good terms, do you think he would post more information here on TONMO?

Sushi and Whale (its what's for dinner)

I think he's referring to the harpoon on the bow of my ship!

I'm not in the least concerned with criticism; I'm used to this, and what we're seeing here is tame in comparison (thanks for that link Phil; I wasn't aware of it; I'd actually approached Wally Stone, formally, letter, last year expressing these concerns). I'm also pleased to see that Wally agrees that there's a 'wee bit of truth' in what I'm saying; as it's not been said before a 'wee bit of truth' is better than 'no truth'.

Jean, I actually shot a message off to Liz Slooten, to forward on to Steve D, when that article came out (to draw one error therein to their attention, so as it wasn't attributed to me). Haven't heard back yet, but I see there's been a debate in the press instead .... I can live with that. If Steve D wants to contribute to a separate thread/discussion on the P & B board dealing with these whales, the relationship between the whales and squid/whales and environment, I would welcome it. I've a few maps that depict the levels of fishing effort around and throughout the NewZealand EEZ that will mortify him/all others.

There's more than a 'wee bit of truth' in this; alarm bells should be ringing (they should have rung a decade ago). I'm not prepared to enter into a debate or mud-slinging match (the opportunity to do so presents itself most every time a reporter rings up); I am prepared to enter into a discussion.

I actually do hope that I'm wrong; that the whales won't move on and that everything down there in the oceans is ok .... but something tells me that this simplistic view isn't quite true.

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