brief (Twitter) analysis of some remarkable fossils


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May 30, 2000
Click through for the photos.

Per Translate (unedited; clearly not a perfect translation - and the nautilus is not extinct :smile:):
Squid octopuses (cephalopods) have undergone major extinctions in each era, such as the extinction of the Nautilus, the extinction of ammonites, and the disappearance of the coccinellidae. I'm the main character in a dramatic drama.

And in the original tweet (same -- I wonder what is meant here by the "bat octopus" translation? Vampire squid?):
Bat octopus is a hot topic, take advantage of one In the last 10 years or so, research has shown that almost all cephalopods, which are often found in European Jurassic to Cretaceous strata and are introduced as "squid" in many books and museums in Japan, are actually bat octopuses. I'm here. It seems that it is astringent that resembles squid.

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