Wheres the Best Place to get food...

Mar 9, 2006
:welcome: Hey i don't meen to sound like a total moron or noob to Cephs(cause in not :lol:) But where is the best place to buy food for Bimacs or cuttles (Bandensis in particular)and what is the best thing to buyI know what they eat and all but what would be the absolute best thing. I have a 75g tank set up(letting it mature):yuck:
Getting a protein Skimmer, have an air stone for current and oxygen pupposes, have live rock and i might get live sand. I have experience with aqauriums but what else would i need for an octo or cuttle(don't say sand lol i have a pretty good layer of it in my tank...lol)?

for an octopus you will need a VERY tight fitting lid!!!! Bimacs are less inclined to escape than some but.............!Any tiny hole or gap they can escape from.....just remember the octi keepers motto "duct tape is my friend!"

Well, for live shrimp there's ShrimpStuff.com, which is another site of mine (we don't allow business solicitations, but I am the Webmaster here, so....) :heee:

We've had many happy customers (and octos). One of our clients is a science company who needs high-quality / disease-free shrimp for their lab experiments.
is it spam when the webmaster does it?

Oh and cephalopod god if you are into herps check out VENOM DOC he also has a little info on blue ring venom

just checked bryan's site and he doesn't have much on blue rings up anymore

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