Want to get a job working with Cephalopods


Jan 14, 2023
So I'm an Australian who wants to work in marine biology and one of the animal groups that interests me the most is Cephalopods. I'm especially fascinated by Giant Squid and Colossal Squid. I'd love to be able to research them. I know I'd need a master's or PhD to get a job working with them. But what is the likelihood of actually getting a job working with them? I know New Zealand is the best place for working and studying large cephalopods.
Many well-known marine biologists hail (or have hailed) from Australia (including longtime member @robyn!) - but I don't believe I'm familiar with current cephalopod research efforts in Australia, but as you note, NZ is a hotbed, thanks to the ALCES crew there (many of whom actually met each other on TONMO!) Do try out our Search feature and see if you can find any pathways from where you're at in AU -- do keep us posted on your journey -- thanks for joining our community!