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Apr 28, 2020
Irmo SC
Good day everyone at TONMO!
I am currently a Masters student at Southern Illinois (Starting in August), I'm probably thinking way too early in advance but it would help to see if I can get some names down for later on down the road. I'm currently thinking of a project working with cephalopod systematics/zoogeography for my Masters degree, but want to eventually try and swap that to a more deep sea cephalopod ecology topic for a Ph.D project and was curious if anyone knew any good Deep sea ecology advisors potentially willing to do projects with cephalopods. I haven't gotten to far into the thought process for that yet since I have awhile to go, but I am interested in bioluminescent behavior in cephalopods.

Thanks everyone have a great day and stay safe,
Hi @PhylogenySquidFan10 , welcome to TONMO!

I don't know much in the way of deep sea invertebrate biology advisors, but I do know of a researcher named Spencer Nyholm who works on biolumenesence in euprymna scolopes (Hawaiian bobtail squid). More specifically, he studies the symbiotic relationship of the biolumensecent bacteria in the accessory nidamental gland in the scolopes. His lab is based at the University of Connecticut.

Here's a link to his lab's webpage. Whether or not you are interested in doing research with him, he may have some suggestions for other PI's or labs doing deep sea ceph research. He's a friendly guy so don't be afraid to reach out, especially if you are passionate about ceph research! Home | Nyholm Lab
@PhylogenySquidFan10 if you're keen to include a bit of international travel, the ALCES lab (run by @Tintenfisch) works on cephalopod systematics (for your Masters degree). It is located in Auckland, New Zealand.
I'll definitely have to look into that! I have heard about it but just couldn't afford the international travel as of yet.

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