Squid Wizard


Aug 5, 2023
Hi everyone I'm a PhD student at AUT's squid lab with Kat and I'm doing work on the trophic ecology of nz several deep sea squid species. Part of the focus of the project is investigating how the trophic ecology of the Todarodes angolensis and Todarodes filippovae differ from each other in the Chatham Rise, an area in which these two species overlap. We're not only using molecular methods as a complement to mrohplogical identification of prey, but also to understand how long term ecological processes, such as parasitism or hydrodynamic processes, effect the different species. We going to be looking at other deep sea species in the future so stay tuned for more squid based excitement.

I'm @Sorceras on twitter so if you want shorter updates on my antics, please follow me. Let me know if you have any questions about anything, but preferably about my project :biggrin2:

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