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  1. tonmo

    [Featured]: RIP Richard Ellis, author of Monsters of the Sea

    RIP to Richard Ellis, author of Monsters of the Sea, a book which greatly helped inspire me to create TONMO, which happens to be celebrating its 24th anniversary tomorrow, May 30th. Ellis also authored The Search for the Giant Squid, Sea Dragons, and created accompanying artwork for each. He...
  2. JM83

    Want to get a job working with Cephalopods

    So I'm an Australian who wants to work in marine biology and one of the animal groups that interests me the most is Cephalopods. I'm especially fascinated by Giant Squid and Colossal Squid. I'd love to be able to research them. I know I'd need a master's or PhD to get a job working with them...
  3. England’s Architeuthis

    England’s Architeuthis

    Only two Giant squid have ever been washed ashore in England. Although half-a-dozen have come ashore in Scotland and Ireland or been caught in nets in the North Sea, the tale of England’s Architeuthis is a curious one. Early on 14 January 1933, a group of bathers spotted a rather strange, inert...
  4. Editorial: The '05 Living Architeuthis Photos

    Editorial: The '05 Living Architeuthis Photos

    Webmaster thoughts on the first photos of living giant squid, in 2005. Note: Tony welcomes discussion on this article in this thread on our forums. By Tony Morelli Last updated: 10/1/05 Introduction I've been maintaining as a cephalopod interest site since 2000. Since then...
  5. Architeuthis Buoyancy and Feeding

    Architeuthis Buoyancy and Feeding

    By Dr. Steve O'Shea Note: Steve welcomes discussion in TONMO's Architeuthidae forum. S. O'SHEA Earth and Oceanic Sciences Research Institute Auckland University of Technology Private Bag 92 006 Auckland, New Zealand ARCHITEUTHIS BUOYANCY AND FEEDING Here we present a little scientific...
  6. Estimating age and growth rate in Architeuthis dux

    Estimating age and growth rate in Architeuthis dux

    A guide for marine biologists studying giant squid By Dr. Steve O'Shea Auckland University of Technology, Earth and Oceanic Sciences Research Institute, Private Bag 92 006, Auckland, New Zealand. Note: Steve welcomes discussion in TONMO's Architeuthidae forum. Architeuthis is a leviathan...
  7. Architeuthis (Giant Squid) reproduction

    Architeuthis (Giant Squid) reproduction

    Architeuthis (Giant Squid) reproduction, with notes on basic anatomy and behavior By Dr. Steve O'Shea Last updated: 03/28/03 Note: Steve welcomes discussion in the Physiology & Biology forum. Architeuthis (Fig. 1, left) is basically an eating and breeding machine. A look inside the cut-open...
  8. Giant Squid and Colossal Squid Fact Sheet

    Giant Squid and Colossal Squid Fact Sheet

    An analysis of the size of the largest cephalopods: Architeuthis and Mesonychoteuthis Authored by Dr. Steve O'Shea and Dr. Kat Bolstad Steve and Kat are members of the TONMO staff. You can communicate with them both in our Cephalopod Science forums. INTRODUCTION TO FACT SHEETS To ensure...
  9. B

    Embryo of big octopus or squid?

    Hi! Several divers saw this almost round transparent sack floating 1 m above a reef at Weather Islands (väderöarna) north of Gothenburg Sweden 11 july 2018. Depth 8 m. 14 deg in water. The dots seemed to be on the surface and there is a grey area in the middle. Noone saw any attachment. Diameter...
  10. W

    [Featured]: Architeuthis (Giant Squid) Sightings

    :x This guy (see attachment) was found stranded dead on a beach a couple of days ago, 50 km East to the place where I live in South Africa (Hermanus, Western Cape)... but I only learnt it today through the local weekly newspaper. I can't believe it! It is said to be 4m long and 200kg heavy. The...
  11. tonmo

    TONMO on Natures Talk Show

    Mark your calendars - Sunday 3/19 @8pm ET; I'm looking forward to the discussion! Monsters of Nature: Giant Cephalopods #2 – NATURES TALK SHOW, LLC Part 1: (30 mins) Part 2:
  12. Bronze giant squid sculpture

    Bronze giant squid sculpture

    'Legend' $16,500.00 USD Ships from San Francisco worldwide. Limited edition bronze of 20 - Year released - 2012 Bronze giant squid sculpture dimensions: 42" H X 28" W X 25" D
  13. Tintenfisch

    Extra! Extra! Live (broadcast) giant squid event coming up on 18 June

    (Edited to add link) Hi everyone, So... we have some giant squid in the freezer that we need to examine, and we're planning to do them across the week of June 16-20. With a little luck, we'll be able to have a live video feed of the event (which will take place here at AUT) for some or most...
  14. tonmo

    Giant Squid Video Viewing Party - Live Thread!

    It's on tonight! Click here if you've been under a shell for the past few months and need some background. This is our live viewing thread. Are you ready? We are!
  15. GPO87


    This squid needs no introduction. Commonly known as the giant squid, Architeuthis are found around the world. It is unclear how many species there are in this genus, it ranges between 1 and 3 usually. This image was originally posted on TONMO years ago, but the link has since died. Tolweb...
  16. G

    Giant Squid footage on History Channel They say its over 100ft ?:confused: :sink:
  17. I

    Our latest Architeuthis

    We have another Giant Squid. Here are some pics...
  18. CarlS

    Scaled reference drawings of architeuthis?

    Hi everybody, I'm into 3D computer modeling, and am trying to find some good clear reference images to use in modeling a variety of squids, particularly architeuthis. Good line drawings showing the essential details would probably be easier for me to work from than photographs. A set of...
  19. Steve O'Shea

    Architeuthis again (never a dull moment in New Zealand)

    Tintenfisch and I are actually in Wellington right now, giving talks at the National Museum of New Zealand (they have the colossal squid on public display for a week). After our talk yesterday we went back into the freezers (as you do) and pulled out a ~15kg lump. It proved to be another...
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