Giant Squid Video Viewing Party - Live Thread!

Me and my giant germ aka my daughtor Jess...plan on watching!!! Very exciting and looking forward to finally seeing this! Well... It's just was abandoned....
Oh, I wonder what time this is in the UK. I want to join you....if I can.
Here's Heather and I... waiting patiently. As we do not have a TV... or the discovery channel for that matter... we may be like this for several days, at least until it is available online. For those in North America, we hope you enjoy your respective parties tonight! We look forward to hearing your reviews of the documentary. While we wait. Patiently.


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What else am I going to do? It's not like Heather and I are going to have a conversation any time soon or anything! :wink: haha.
Oh blast it. If I can even find the documentary, it won't finish until 3am here. I bid you adieu and hope you enjoy two hours of Architeuthis goodness. I'll check in tomorrow to enjoy reading your reactions, but from what little snippets I've seen, you won't be disappointed.