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Where to buy an octopus


May 8, 2009
hello...I am new to this sight...i have been doing my homework and I think I want an octopus for my 75 gallon tank. Right now it has a lot of live stock but I will slowly sell my livestock to my LFS.

My question is...every website that sells octopus seems to never have them in stock. is there a good time of the year when they get them?

can anyone find me a place that has them in stock?

I am looking for a smaller octopus...

My tank has been up for about 3 years now...it has a 1.5" sand bed and about 65 lbs of live rock in it. I have 2 Hydor Koralia powerheads for circulation. I am also running a marineland magnum canister filer. I have t-5 lighting and a 150watt titanium heater.

I need a protein skimmer...any recommendations?

after reading most of the articles I think I have a little bit under my belt but any advice would be greatly appreciated...

Finding an octopus is kind of hit and miss. Watch the octopus availability forum for new postings. The empty gallonage of your tank will be the biggest determining factor on what size octo would be best suited. With 65 pounds of LR, I am guessing a 55 gallon set up and that will accomodate most of the ones we commonly find. The smaller of this group will be the hummelincki (my personal favorite) and the aculeatus. Briareus should be beoming available soon but a 55 is pinching it (but doable).

Of the skimmers we have tried, we like the Coralife the best (we have one higher end Red Sea Berlin that we hate and have not been happy with the cheapest ones we have tried). We also have an inline Current that has some advantages but is constructed very poorly.
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Try PMing(Private Messaging) Tonmo.

Again, I wouldn't recommend this since this is a question that would be of interest to other members. Also, the thread mentioned above is the best way to keep track of octopus availability.