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Where can I get one?


Feb 11, 2004
Hey Guys,

I am in the process of cycling a tank I set up for either a Bimac octopus or a Sepia Bandensis cuttlefish, and I just realized that the Octopets website is down. So, where else can I get captive breed babies?

Also, anyone have any advice as to which one I should get? I set up a forty gallon (15"W x 36"L x 16"H.) I have a fine sand bottom. I am running a wet/dry and skimmer. And I have pretty much escape-proofed the tank. I am just waiting to get the tank good and established. Right now it has three Green Chromis in it.
Right now it doesnt look like there is any place to get captive raised Bimacs. As far as I know octopets was the only place selling them to the public. So you'll eithier have to get a wild caught one or wait and maybe there will be some captive bred ones in a while.
For cuttles, there have been people on this site who have bred them and sold them. But that will probably be a while. Bandensis may be easier to get. There have been people on this site who have bred them.
Also a 40 gallon is a little small for a bimac but you may be able to. A 40 would work well for a Sepia Bandensis though.