When oh when (and where oh where) is TONMOcon?

Nov 20, 2002
Hey, I realize I've racked up some bad karma by being outta da loop for so long, but will someone puhleeeeeze tell me the details of TONMOcon One (the biggie) -- date, location, registration, hotel info, etc. -- so that I can calendar it and make plans to be there? I can hardly wait to meet everyone in person! (And to see Melissa again after so long.)

Speaking of which, I am now very much in a "con mood" 'cause last weekend I went to my very first anime con (AnimeNext in Secaucus, NJ) and had a fantastic time regressing to my misspent youth of hanging out at s.f. and Trek cons (eating pizza and junk food and talking till all hours with a crowded roomful of fans, crashing on the floor of a friend's hotel room, running around the dealers' area like a kid in a candy store, etc.). Good stuff!

Also, lately I've been suffering from ACD (Acute Cephalopod Deprivation) Syndrome and would really love to get back to the Wonderful World of :mesonych: :nautilus: :octopus: :squid: :meso: :ammonite: :belemnit: :cuttle: :vampyro: :nautiloi: :histio: :archi: .

Help, please?

Domo arigatou gozaimashita,


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May 30, 2000
Dolphin show, 11am tomorrow, be there! :wink:

Great to hear from you Tani!!!!

FYI all, I'll be offline for a week. Thanks in advance for holding down the fort. :smile:

Going to the beach, but not before meeting up with Carol and family at the Baltimore Aquarium!! After 4 years of running the site, she'll be the first TONMO'er I've ever met in person. How about that??