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What's the highest temp. your Octo has had to endure?

Aug 10, 2006
Heat waves make this a challenge. Got home yesterday and the tank was 83. Took off the lid and blew a fan across the top of the water for the evening. Got it down to 80. House didn't cool off at all overnight. Woke up and tank was like 86! Not good at all. Blew the fan again in the morning until I had to leave for work. Back down to 82. Scared to see what it will be when I get home. Octos should never be above 82 from what I've heard but I don't want to leave the lid off and the fan blowing while I'm not home due to a possible escape. Just curious as to how much heat your Octopus has had to endure......
Put a ziploc bag of ice in it, then freeze a screw top bottle of water, which will last longer while you're away. You can also freeze some RO in cubes and put them directly in. If you can get home erly do it, it could already be too late. The ideal temp depends on the species and it's natural habitat.
84.7 is the highest tempp but it was because my stupid granfather turned my compact flourescents on ALL day while i was gone... so i put two small bottles of frozen ro water and within a few hours i got it down to about 77.3
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