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whats on the menu ?


O. bimaculoides
Dec 21, 2002
I was wondering if anyone knows how big of a crab is too big for a bimac with a two and a half inch mantle , I wonder if I should try to give it a blue crab from the fish market

My vulgaris hardly eats every two or three days it eats one gold fish sometimes a fiddler crab . It never comes out only early in the morning or sometimes late at night . It seems to be growing and it is even regenerating the two legs that were half missing when I got it .its mantle is about three inches , my bimac that is a bit smaller eats a small piece of prawn , a gold fish , and a fiddler crab every day.
Hi Manny

If the mantle is 2 inches or so then it should manage a 2 inch crab no bother at all... just watch out for big claws on big crabs incase they do damage.

Its quite common for octos to eat only every 2nd or 3rd day :)


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