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What type of tank?


Sep 5, 2005
Hi, I was wondering what kind of tank shape octos(bimac) like the most? Do they like any dimensions larger than others? I like how cubes look but am thinking the dimensions might not be what an octo would like most. Also, does anyone use macro algae in their main tank without it getting out of control? Just LR looks sort of bland and I hear corals and octos don't mix too well. I just want some sort of color in the tank and WILL NOT put in fake plants or anything, I just hate how they look.
As far as fake plants go you should be more open minded. They are making some very real looking fake plants. Same look as the macros. I think the name may be Sea Garden or something.You may want to get two sets so you can swap them out every once and a while so you can keep them free of algae.
As for the color in my tank it was a reef before I went with my Pulpo so it is mostly purple from Coraline and I still have a few mushrooms that have stayed around with the low light.
As far as tank shape I don't know but I am sure someone will chime in soon.

Hi Squier and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

The ideal shape is longer and wider and less deep, although people do keep octos in tanks of many shapes. The long tank gives the octo more room to swim.

Yes, some people keep macroalgae. I believe that Octopets sells macroalgae with amphipods, for instance. Color in the tank is a problem but there are some answers - coralline algae helps a lot. Also, brightly colored shells will brighten your aquascape. I found a beautiful coral colored scallop shell and I'm using a lot of other shells, too. The bonus is that your octo can use the shells as building material.

However natural you want things to look, you really have to try some plastic toys - lego blocks, plastic rings, and later maybe Mr. Potato Head. Some octos love these things, others don't. It's really fun to watch them play if they do, and toys provide enrichment.

hi squier, yea i use caulerpa(grape), string algea (dont remember the scientific name) and sometimes sea lettuce but it seems that it always scatters too much and then dosent look tht nice. the sea lettuce that is. im also ordering this red algea again i forget the scientific name but some call it tang delight ive seen it in pictures of other members tanks and its really perty. and yes prity shells are good too and if your octopus is young he will likely make a den of one that is big enough. my tank is an octagon wich seems to work fine since its on a small table rather then a stand. if it were i think it would be to hard to reach the bottom.
Welcome to Tonmo !!! be sure to read the articles by Nancy and Colin under "ceph care" (third button in from the left up top)...that will help you out a lot with your purchasing decisions.
I have always had algae's in my tanks...octos love camouflage !!!

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