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what do you think?


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 29, 2004
hello everybody! i needed some advice. im thinking about getting a 75gal hex. do you think it would be a bad idea to put a cuttelfish (the bigger kind) in? i would really only feel comfortable putting one in nothing below a 100gal. im thinking that it might be better for an octopus? but i was wondering if cuttels feel more comfortable in deeper water or if they like to have more room to swim and jet back? thanks for any thoughts!
Some types of ocots, dwarf cuttles or very juvenile large cuttles in a 75 IMO.

Large vareint cuttles will quickly outgrown a tank that small, and you will end up with problems.

Where are you, and what type of cuttle are you thinking?
An octo or maybe one of the smaller cuttle species would be best, the larger cuttles need more room rather than depth as if they get frightened, they can accidently jet into your rock work or your tank. Wouldn't be too pleasant now would it?

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