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What a Hitch Hiker!!!

Oct 28, 2004
I'm really glad I found this forum!!

I never expected this. I just added some new LR to my tank and guess what was inside??? This is kind of like having a baby left on my doorstep :)

Needless to say, I've been reading, studying and and trying to give myself a crash course on Octo care!!

My tank is quite stable after being started and cycled with local LR. It's been up and running for 3 mos., after being basically started from another well established tank. Other critters include a Domino, blue damsel and a black capped basslet. Clean up crew consists of several big snails, turbo snails and 6 small hermits. I also have quite a few corals and sponges that also came with the LR. I feed frozen brine shrimp, live brine shrimp, flakes and occasionally finely diced clams.

So far, I've only seen him when I put the new LR 3 days ago. His body?? is aprox. the size of a quarter. Last night, I saw him move from one piece of LR to another. So far, he's hiding and hasn't come out on his own at all. I'm sure he needs to eat ASAP.

ANY information regarding feeding, care and coaxing him out to eat would be GREATLY appreciated!! I will do all I can to keep him healthy including setting up and transferring him to a separate tank.

Check out the articles on Ceph Care (upper left button) ...nice to have another enthusiast in our ranks!!!
Welcome to Tonmo!!!
That small, you might want to try some small shrimp too...good luck, and if you get a chance, post up some pics!
If his body is the size of a quarter, he's probabaly already a couple of months old - unless he's a pygmy octo.

He would still eat amphipods, small crabs (hermit crabs, small fiddlers). You might try offering a piece of shrimp (preferably fresh, but thawed and frozen might be accepted). The clams may be too big for him, try a little piece of clam.

Do you live near St. Augustine? Here's a good place for getting food -
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Thanks for the link Nancy. I'm in Lakeland, not very close to St. Aug. I ended up with an assortment of small shrimp clams and a few very small crabs to try. I'll try putting some clam pieces in where I believe he's hiding. This little guy has already cost me about days worth of work, he better eat something :)

I will also contact the aqua culture store tomorrow as well. I need invert food as well!
I've had very good results with their shipping. They send by priority mail which is much cheaper than other ways of shipping. Even though I'm over here in Dallas, I got my shipments very quickly. I was a good customer for fiddler crabs and shore shrimp.

Hope your little guy eats. Must be hungry by now.

Where did your live rock come from? (Florida, Fiji, etc?)

So does that mean it comes from Florida? - it would be good if we knew for sure, for identifying your little octopus. A good aquarium store probably has live rock from several sources. Can you verify that it's from Florida?

whooo boy...I hope not!!! I don't think you can collect live rock in FL...(I may be wrong though...but after all of the storms, you would think the reefs might need some time to heal)
Most of the rock importing over here is Sri Lankan or Fiji...some Solomon island stuff too...any chance of a pic?
TBS has there own auqucultured reef.
They dumped a load of rocks into the gulf,
and I'm fairly sure they pick rock 6 out of 7 days a week.
I don't think they need to wait to long after all the hurricanes
came thru to start collecting again.

So, there is a good chance the hitchhicker came from the Gulf of Mexico
I've had dealers tell me that almost all live rock is aquacultured now. Live rock from Florida is for sure. It has a reputation for lots of hitchhikers (including mantis shrimp).

Nancy said:
I've had dealers tell me that almost all live rock is aquacultured now. Live rock from Florida is for sure. It has a reputation for lots of hitchhikers (including mantis shrimp).


WOW! Everyone posted at once!!! Yes, awesome LR, many hitch hikers, most good some bad!!!

The pieces I picked up on tuesday had about 6 different types of sponges. Several anemones, and 4-5 clams (attached). Critters included, so far, 3 crabs, several snails and some tiny shrip. AND ONE LITTLE OCTOPUS!!!
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