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Water quality!

Dec 10, 2002
I am about to set a tank for my first octopuss but i was wondering if R/O water is essential or if i can get away with my tap water. Since I have well water there is no chemicals in it such as chlorine and the ph is 8.0 already. The only thing that it is high in is sulfer i think. And if i do use R/O water what is the best unit i can get for under 200. Thanks Jared
Hi Jared,

You would really have to look at the complete test results from your well water - and of course, you're safer with the RO/DI water. You can find RO/DI units for well under $200, just depends on how much water you want to produce per hour. The amount produced per hour varies according to your water pressure, too.

See www.saltaquarium.about.com/cs/rodiunits/index.htm for some reviews. The third section in Colin's Equipment List has a section on water, too.

Also, you might look around for cheap sources of RO/DI water - some of the grocery stores here in Texas sell it by the gallon.

Hope this helps,

Hi Jared:
You also might want to look fo RO/DI units on ebay. I've seen quite a few good ones at great prices. (of couse that was after I bought mine from an etailer :x )

You may want to check with manufacturers to see if you should get a particular model because you are using unchlorinated well water.
Hi and welcome. I live in NJ also, my town has great fish water!!!! Never had a problem!

Don't know if you're close, but Tropaquarium, Ocean Township sells premade saltwater in jugs. I never bought any cause my waters great, but just a thought.

I am quite lucky with my tapwater too, but given that a friend of mine who only stays approx 5 miles away HAS to use an RO filter for his reef tank, it may be a worthwhile venture in buying one.
Silicates and phosphates seems to be the problem he has and gets nasty algae blooms after a water change :(

That's perfect! And also a good price too!

I think we need a section where we keep an eye on ebay for equipment etc ????
Hi Colin:

I agree about the ebay section. It might be a good idea for members to post special prices on equipment, livestock etc. from other sources as well. I don't know how many times I've bought some piece of equipment only to see it for less at the one place I didn't look.
Okay, What I'l do then is to make a thread on the equipment section and title it appropriately for stuff for sale on ebay or for other good buys that we come across. That will hopefully save us a bit of money! :D

Also, I'll make it stick to the top of the forum so we dont have to search for it!

good idea

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