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Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I am home sick today, and just got a call from my favorite LFS they have a 2" mantle vulgaris in! I know my tank is small for one of these but my thoughts are what if I go get it, keep it till it's outgrown the tank and then donate it to our local aquarium??? Never had a vulgaris before and I must say I am missing an octos presence! What do you all think? I have 24 hours to make up my mind!

Hi Carol,

I was just wondering last night when you were going to get another octopus!

The accounts I've read of people keeping O.vulgaris have been very positive. In fact, people become very attached to them and they live longer than bimacs (maybe a year and a half). The only negative is that they do try to escape and they eat a lot.

I think you should take it, but plan to get a large aquarium. Some time ago on another website I read an account of a family in Florida who had found a vulgaris. They brought it home and and took care of it until it was outgrowing its large tank. Then they carried it back by car to the sea in a cooler (!) - it was a long trip, some hours, and the whole family was crying for the entire trip because they loved their octo so much.

If you do decide to donate it, maybe you should check in advance to make sure they'll take your vulgaris.

It will evenually have an 8" inch body with arms over 30".

I'd go for it too, dont know how many times i got offered vulgaris and it never was, maybe go and have a look see first?
Isn't it a strange time a year to be collecting a 2" O.. vulgarus?

I would lay odds that it is something else, probably a large O. mercatoris.

By the way, a gravid O. mercatoris wouldn't be all that bad. I came into my lab last night and caught a couple of our juvenile O. mercatoris out. We never see them during the day. One lives in a snail shell and the other in a piece of coralline algae - one to a tank. They are now two months old and have a mantle that is about 15 mm. They are growing much faster than I expected on a diet of mostly live adult brine shrimp. Every afternoon when I leave I add about 20 brine shrimp to the tanks and the next morning they are gone. Last night I watched as the octopus caught them. They crawl half way up the glass, raise up a bit and when a brine shrimp bumps into them, quickly snag it with an arm. It looks like the only problem with rearing these guys is that they are very cannibalistic and must be kept in isolation.

Hmmm...have to say, I would give it a miss, unless your aquarium says that they will definitely take it on in six months or so...(presuming it is a vulgaris)

I know it sucks to be w/o octo...but....

I tell ya, the pet trade aught to be ashamed. Tis a wild caught bimac, at least I think as I saw the eyespots, missing an arm and is now dripping as we speak. Pulled Jess out of school at 3 and off to pa we went and just got back. Talk about a pissed off little octo. Amazing what people do to these animals and they don't ink or die of fright.

He was sitting on the front of the pethome watching everyone. Tried very desparely to get away when they bagged him.
My son named him Gimpy.

Roy - Any pics??? I'm wondering if this might be some sort of dwarf. Rummler, one of my octos in the past was this. Forget what species, but certain behaviors and colorations remind me of her.
corw314 said:
My son named him Gimpy.

LOL!!!! Perfect!! Of course, we now expect the awesome photos to start popping up here...it is time for a new screen for me...hint, hint..

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