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update on reef bugs

Feb 24, 2005
ok everyone im a believer...

i have never had this many pods and bugs in my tank in my life... the lights went off tonight and about an hour later there is almost a cloud of mysids shrimp and other pods covering the bottom of the tank. there is no doubt that there is plenty of food for the baby octos. i scooped up a bunch of the pods with a brine shrimp net and put them in the breeder cage with the babies and it looks like the babies are going to town on them. i guess they all hatched today also along with the baby octos. anyway ill keep yall updated still on both and let yall know how it goes
That's good news.

Do the Reef Bugs come in a bottle? How long did it take from the time you put them in the tank until you had lots of mysids and other small food?

they come in a ziplock filled with a dried powder. you mix the powder in a cup of water and pour it into the tank. it took about a week and a half for the bugs to start showing up but now they are everywhere
i think if you look at the pictures of the first post about them there is a webadress or something on the box. i got them from my friend who owns a fish store in sumter south carolina and he is friends with the man who invented them. i was basically one of the testers of the product. and as i said before dont let the Marc weiss' name fool you, he did not develope or invent this he is just marketing it. anyway if you want i will get u in touch with my friend who is selling the stuff already i think and yall might be able to work a deal out with shipping or something

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