Update on Baby Octos


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Yesterday I put 6 of Jetta's briareus babies into my amphipod-rich tank. I didn't expect to see them for a long time - after all, they're the size of a small pea.

But this morning, two of them were out hunting, and one of those looked bigger already! Two have decided to live behind the large hydrometer - I didn't intend to leave it in the tank, but this morning I went out and bought a new hydrometer so I woudn't have to disturb the little ocotpuses.

The others are dispersed throught tank. All have decided to live higher up, not on the bottom, despite the many shells I placed in the tank to provide hiding places.

So far so good....

How exciting!!!! That's awesome!!! Do they flash colors like the adults? Pea size is not that tiny compared to some. Can hardly wait for more pictures!!

Briareus is a large-egged species, so the little guys are well developed, perfect tiny octopuses - they can turn colors, have suckers, a tiny beak about the size of the point of a pin. Very cute!


This is great reading! Best of luck with your little chaps. I'm looking forward to the photos too.

Awesome ! Interesting about the range of height in territory...congratulations!
Great news Nancy!! Best of luck with you and your sextuplets. What alot of journal writing :shock: :lol:

I think the next time around I may try eggs myself.
I want to see the babies with my own eyes. I bet they are miraculous to watch at that size, and so darn cute!!
Update, Tuesday morning

We haven't seen any of the babies since yesterday morning, but I honestly think we could be looking right at them and not see them, unless they were out hunting. As they headed into the live rock as they were released, they were changing to the appropriate color even before they got there!

I suppose if one died, we would never even see the body.

It may be a long time before we see them - but maybe we'll start getting up in the middle of the night to look :smile: Even if we do see them, it may be too dark for a photo, and we're not going to use a flash and scare them.

So nothing to report as yet....I'm really hopeful that at least some of them are doing well, and I can report good news soon.


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